Farmbot looks towards future innovation with appointment of CTO Fabien Ruffin

June 03, 2022

Farmbot looks towards future innovation with appointment of CTO Fabien Ruffin

Water monitoring specialist Farmbot has appointed Fabien Ruffin to the role of CTO.

"We are very excited about the appointment of Fabien as CTO at Farmbot," said Farmbot managing director Andrew Coppin.

"The introduction of this role signifies a huge leap for Farmbot as we continue to scale for the future. By having a clear technology development strategy we can be sure that Farmbot continues to provide farmers with the tools they need to better manage their on-farm assets, and run more sustainable and productive businesses."

Ruffin joins the company from insurtech scale-up Wilbur Solutions.

He previously spent almost 13 years at Domain, culminating in the role of technology director for group platforms and data services.

Ruffin holds as masters degree in computer science and software engineering from Centrale Lille (France).

"My focus will be on all things tech, from improving the software our customers use and love, to continuing research and development efforts for our hardware," he said.

"Finding new and innovative ways to improve the already amazing technology will really push the boundaries of what our monitoring solutions can do for farmers.

"I believe the solution that Farmbot has created has enormous potential and will revolutionise the way farmers around the world think about their most important resources and operate their businesses.

"This is only the beginning and I am looking forward to seeing how we can take Farmbot to the next level."

Coppin added "There is a world of opportunity for our already advanced monitoring solutions and MyFarmbot platform, and I know Fabien and our technology teams will only continue to improve and build upon its capabilities as our customer base continues to grow and expand.

"As always, providing real-world value for our customers will be at the forefront of every developmental decision made and I look forward to seeing this continue as the Farmbot evolves."

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